To become an ordinary member, one must have scientific training and be professionally active in some domain of Human Genetics in its wider sense. You will have to register with the web site and pay the 60 € fee for registration by online payment.

Ordinary members have a vote at the general assembly. Extraordinary members are people with a special interest in human genetics who do not meet conditions of scientific training and professional activity. Honorary members are people who contributed to the field or the society of human genetics.

Applications for membership must include a short description of the activity of the applicant in Human Genetics, consistent with ordinary membership. Applications can be done via the registration page of this web-site. You will be notified after board review of your application.

Annual fees:

Membership only60 €
Yearly meeting, member130 € (including membership)
Yearly meeting, non-member              250 €

Payable via online payment module website

Information bank details BeSHG
IBAN: BE79 0013 4276 4633
Communication: Name, First name

When making the bankdeposit for membership of one or two persons at the same time, please mention always clearly your first and family name in the message box of your banktransfer.
When making a bankdeposit for membership of several persons at the same time, please send an Email to the membership administrator of the BeSHG ( stating clearly the first and family name of the members involved + date of the banktransfer. Indeed, the message box of the banktransfer is too small to hold this information.