Joint BeSHG / NVHG meeting & Genetics Retreat 2022

20-21-22 April 2022, Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC), Bruges, Belgium

We are pleased to announce the two-day BeSHG/NVHG annual genetics symposium, to be held on 21st and 22nd April 2022 at the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC).

This two-day symposium will be preceded on 20th of April 2022 by the Genetics Retreat (previously known as the Rolduc meeting).

The 2022 genetics symposium will be organized jointly by the Belgian Society for Human Genetics (BeSHG) and the Dutch Society for Human Genetics (NVHG). We hereby continue a tradition we started in 2016 to have a joint meeting every 3 years. As usual, the NVHG symposium is organized in collaboration with the VKGL, VKGN and NACGG. Please note that neither BeSHG nor NVHG will organize a separate meeting in 2022. So, this is your only national genetics symposium in 2022. We hope to maximize the number of participants to this joint meeting.

The theme of the meeting will be “New advances and tools towards personalized medicine of genetic disorders.”: a field of medical genetics that is evolving fast with emerging genomic technologies.

Together with the organizing committee of the Genetics Retreat, we call upon young researchers (PhD students) to attend both meetings.

BMCC ( is brand new, modern convention center (opening January 2022) in the heart of historic Bruges, which offers a unique experience.

Abstracts should be submitted before February 15, 2022 through the BeSHG-website following the published guidelines. The final program of the meeting will become available towards the end of March.

More information will become available soon on this webpage. 

For meeting registration and abstract submission, go to 'My BeSHG': (to register, please make an account on the BeSHG website. This account is free, and will not make you a member of the BeSHG!) 

Early-bird registration: 21th of February 2022 (after this date registration fees will increase with 50€!)

Submission deadline abstracts: 15th of February 2022

Registration fees (early-bird):

  • BeSHG membership 2022 (for Belgian participants): 60€
  • NVHG membership 2022 (for Dutch participants): please visit 
  • Genetics Retreat ONLY (= JUNIOR meeting) on 20/4: 100€
  • Joint Meeting on 21-22/4 + Gala dinner/party + surprise act
    • Fee for BeSHG/NVHG members (2022): 380€
    • Fee for 'academic' non-members: 500€
    • Fee for Industrial Delegates: 600€
  • Genetic Retreat + Joint Meeting on 20-21-22/4 (for JUNIORS) 
    • Fee for BeSHG/NVHG members 2022: 430€
    • Fee for 'academic' non-members: 550€
  • You will not attend the Gala dinner: -75€

Some hotel selections:

In case we have to switch our live meeting to an online meeting due to COVID-regulations, we will organize the meeting in 2023 again in Bruges. Therefore, it is very important you ask whether you can rebook your hotelroom to next year, if necessary!

Program 2022

  • Joint Meeting - Day 1 (21th of April)

  • Main Hall


    Coffee + breakfast included